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SmartSeed CT - Coco Glow Organic Airbrush Tanning Fairfield, CT | Darien, CT

SmartSeed CT

SmartSeed CT Marketing Agency has helped take local businesses throughout Fairfield County to new heights and you better believe that everyone is talking about them! From Spray Tanning Salons to every type of local business, SmartSeed CT has delivered results that every owner can measure. With such a huge buzz throughout CT, SmartSeed has quickly transformed the local landscape and the way businesses connect with their audience both online and offline. Their teams of digital experts and business consultants have brought CT local businesses a new way of reaching consumers with amazing efficiency. We are honored to feature SmartSeed as one of the best marketing agencies to work with in CT and with all the Google Reviews they have, it’s quick too see why the SmartSeed CT community is rallying behind these tech guys who seem to do it all!

With so many marketing companies in CT claiming to drive real results to local businesses, we’ve seen our fair share of scams and false promises. We’ve tried it all and have probably heard it all. From our logo concept to our website and social media engagement, we’ve seen tremendous results at Coco Glow Organic Spray Tanning that literally transformed our business within months. Our business consultant sat with us and provided endless amounts of insight into how our local presence was affected by our lack of SEO efforts and inability to properly create content that engaged our target audience. We’ve seen tremendous growth and have now opened up our newest location in CT. We are so thrilled we found SmartSeed CT and from the second we walked out of their Stamford office we knew this was going to be different!

Since 2013, SmartSeed has established itself as a leader in providing local businesses measurable results that grow their bottom line. Their team of brand architects, technologists, creatives, digital experts and innovators consistently deliver results where other marketing agencies have failed to do so. When they say they connect brands + people, you better believe it!

Want to see some of the SmartSeed team’s work? Have a look at www.smartseedtech.com or check out their FACEBOOK for some marketing tips and tricks to help your local business reach more new customers. Check out our partners page to learn more about our other brands HERE. If you want to read some more history about SmartSeed in CT, please read on:


Established in 2013.

SmartSeed was launched in 2013 to help local business owners achieve measurable results they could see. With so many “Marketing Agencies” claiming to deliver results and failing to provide clients with their expected outcome, SmartSeed was born. We’ve helped over 1000+ local business owners grow their business with real results they could see and feel in 30 days or less. We’ve set the bar for local agencies and dominated over our competition simply because we are prepared to do whatever it takes to earn our clients’ business.

Meet the Agency

SmartSeed has worked with some of the most notable marketing agencies on the planet. After years of working with Google and selling Google’s first PPC programs, our founder has earned a name for himself in the local market place. His drive and commitment to help business owners ultimately led him to form his own agency where he now helps over 1000+ local businesses reach more customers. SmartSeed now owns over 20 different hyper-local platforms across the country helping local businesses in every industry. SmartSeed launched LookCT.com, branched off to create LookNY.com and now owns over 20 additional directories helping small business owners achieve their expected outcome. In 2013 SmartSeed, LLC was launched and has been providing digital solutions, marketing strategies and business consulting to help local business owners scale their business and earn more clients.

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