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Our Partners - Coco Glow Organic Airbrush Tanning Fairfield, CT | Darien, CT

Our Partners

Coco Glow Organic Spray Tanning Fairfield CT

With over 10 years experience in the beauty, modeling, fashion and skincare industries, Coco Glow has worked with some of the most well known artists, celebrities, fashionistas and brands alike. We’ve recently partnered up with Beauty Laboratories across the country and our most notable local laboratory in Paramus, NJ. We’ve been working with some of the most renown cosmetic professionals in the industry!

Russ Grandis is a highly-accomplished and well-respected cosmetic professional with close to 40 years of experience formulating over 4000 cosmetic products ranging from color cosmetics, skin care, hair care and fragrance ancillaries. Russ has worked with many fortune 500 cosmetic brands including Avon and Max Factor. He is known for his innovative textures and concepts such as cheek stains, halo powder, water gloss, bronzing complexion illuminators and exact-match foundation technologies. Many of his formulation work have resulted in increased sales and award-winning products for his customers across prestige, mass and direct TV channels.

Geri Sanowski is a passionate and driven cosmetic business development professional with over 25 years of experience in marketing, product development and sales. She has worked with corporate 500 beauty companies such as L’Oreal, Elizabeth Arden and Clinique as well as key contract manufacturers in the beauty landscape. Geri has worked at the retail level to train and grow beauty sales consultants, at the corporate level to conduct consumer testing and competitive reviews, at the bench level to understand how cosmetic formulation works, and at the contract manufacturing level, to bring beauty projects from concept to completion.

Together, Coco Glow and and our partners bring innovation to the market. We create products and brands not only with consumers in mind but also with production capability insight.

  • Architectural Beauty

    Not every laboratory in the cosmetic industry provides real innovation. To be truly innovative, the experts who create and deliver the products—formulators, marketers, package developers, display manufacturers—must work in perfect unison with the customer. Architectural Beauty takes this concept to new heights, providing levels of innovation rarely seen in the industry.

  • Clarins Paris

    Clarins Group is a French luxury cosmetics company, which manufactures prestige skincare, makeup and fragrances. The family company was founded in 1954. In 1957, Courtin-Clarins developed a new approach to face and body treatments and created a few luxury products based exclusively on plants. At the beginning of the 1970s, the company started to spread internationally with its first exclusive contracts. The first subsidiary company in the United States was created in January 1981. At the end of 2005, the group has 19 subsidiary companies of distribution in more than 150 countries.

  • SmartSeed Tech

    SmartSeed Marketing + Branding Agency specializes in connecting innovative brands + products with people. From marketing to product development and distribution, SmartSeed takes ideas and brings them to the market place. Our brand architects, marketers, designers, artists, creatives, technologists and innovators create digital experiences, products, content and brands while enhancing consumer engagement and optimizing how your brand is experienced.

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